Writing and You

As a high school student many years ago, I went a forum about journalism and still remember its inspiring impact. So of course, I said yes when asked to speak with several classes at Hicksville High School for Career Day, a BOCES program. Newsday sanctioned my recent visit. In each of four different classes, I handed out this one-pager about "Writing and You". I was delighted to see how many wanted to be journalists and writers. Here's my talking points.
Writing and You by Thomas Maier author, TV producer and Newsday special writer. Thomas.Maier@Newsday.com Personal Writing: How to Express Yourself? Walk Before Running. – Master the Basics: SVO – (Subject, “active” Verb, Object). – Simple Sentences, Complex Sentences and Transitions – Look up Writing Books for Style, Ideas. – “On Writing Well” William Zinsser – Keep a Personal Journal. – Social Media, Blog, School Websites. Personal Reading: What Do You Have to Say? – Read daily papers and websites.-- Newsday for Long Island, NYT for the World. – Subscribe to magazines/websites, from genres to The New Yorker and the Atlantic. – Great Books, classic (Hamlet) to modern classics like To Kill A Mockingbird or Beloved. – Bios, Ben Franklin, “Team of Rivals” ( Lincoln), “Hidden Figures” black women in space. – Cultural Literacy – understanding touchstones and context. Writing- Print and Digital. – News – “Inverted Pyramid” – What’s most important. – Narrative Story-Telling. Writing for Television News and Podcasts. – Writing for the Ear. Scripts for Public Radio, Podcasts, TV News Features – Writing to Visuals – Script writing to motion, sequences, natural sound. Writing for Drama– Streaming, Theater, Films. – Writing a Treatment, Pitch Memo. – 100 page scripts, playwriting. Writing Experience and Lessons: – Liberal Arts College. – Summer Internship. – Journalism School, Film School, Graduate degrees. – First Jobs. Lost Art of Letter-Writing – Write a long email to a friend about what’s up and what you’re thinking about.