New York Times Spotlights "Masters of Sex"; Gray Lady Says "Don't Mind Us. We'll Just Watch." Most Insightful Story So Far About the New Showtime Series. Bill and Virginia Meet Lizzy and Michael

     This is so far the best story I've read about Showtime's "Masters of Sex". Dave Itzkoff of The New York Times did an excellent job of getting everyone to talk candidly.
      Personally, I think John Madden's description of the series about a year ago made the most sense to me: it has the long narrative arc of a "Mad Men" but with the fascinating episodic human case studies of a "House." God knows, there were enough troubled sex cases that Masters and Johnson handled over nearly 40 years to fill an entire network schedule! Kudos to Dave for his reporting from the same lot where they made "The Wizard of Oz," another story that gained new life on TV.